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Welcome to Top 10 Florida Baseball

Top 10 Baseball Opens new Baseball Academy in Dominican Republic

Top 10 Florida Baseball is very proud to announce that we have recently opened a new academy for International MLB prospects in Santo Domingo. We will house and train players from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua and the Caribbean islands.

The primary focus of the Top 10 Dominican Academy is to recruit, train and develop talent that will eventually be signed by Major League Baseball.

International players are permitted to sign a MLB contract at age 16.

We will feature players from age 14-22 in our Academy.

All players in our Academy will live and train under our daily supervision.

All 30 major league teams have Development and Rookie Level Academies nearby in Boca Chica and San Pedro de Marcoris and our focus is to sign each of our players to a MLB contract .

The new Top 10 Dominican Academy is located at Campo Luisa Blanco in North Santo Domingo.

Executive Director Jimmy Breslin and General Manger Joel Castillo Valenzuela will guide day to day operations, while Coach Fausto Brand will direct field operations.



Jose Nicholas Signs

First Offical Signing - At Ozuria Complex in Boca Chica

General Manager Joel Valenzuela Castillo looks on with Coach Tony DelaCruz as Jose Nicholas signs on to become the first official player for Top 10 Dominican Baseball.

Jose is a 6' 6"  RHP from Santo Domingo. Jose features a heavy 89 mph fastball with smooth mechanics and easy repeatable actions.



Jose Alcantara Signs

Jose Alcantara becomes the second official signing for Top 10 Dominican Baseball.

Jose is a 22 year old RHP from Santo Domingo who features a 95-97 mph fastball along with a big curve. Jose has tried out with the Orioles and Giants recently and performed very well in both bullpens and live action.

At 6'0 and 200lbs, he has a muscular and well developed body featuring an  easy arm action.

Who is Top 10 and what do we do?


We are professional baseball instructors and coaches.


We are dedicated to developing baseball players.



We teach major league techniques.



We develop our players to have perfect swings and perfect actions that allow them to look smooth, play the game effortlessly, and perform at the highest possible level.


In a nutshell, this is who we are and what we do.


We are dedicated to our players and our profession and because this is our profession, we do not have a different day job and then teach baseball on the side which many coaches have to do.

Teaching baseball 7 days a week is what we do.

It is our focus and our passion and our life.

Fortunately, we are not involved in managing fields or facilities or organizations which can very easily distract us from our focus of  developing players. 

Many teams talk about Player Development and then take on the task of enhancing themselves or their reputation via competition and winning which eventually means recruiting better players to replace the weaker players.  

That is not Player Development.

Many organizations promote Player Development, but by actual analysis can only spend a small amount of time under the best of conditions doing so because of organizational concerns and pressures. 

On the other hand, we are totally focused on our players.

We earn our income making players better.

That is our entire focus.

We have studied the game for a long time and it's elements very closely and have developed a method of teaching that is quite different than what most players are exposed to.


Recognizing that baseball players have to be athletes first, we help them to develop this as a foundation.

Then we develop basic hand and eye skills.


Then we develop foot skills and body control.


Along the way, we make sure they have fun and learn how to compete.

Then we teach them how to control their emotions and egos and expectancies.


Then we teach them correct mechanics.


We repeat actions until the muscle memory will never let it be done in an incorrect way.


We are patient.


We are methodical.


We are exact in what we are teaching.

The players who train with us full time, and who go thru our entire program not only excel, but they are in a class by themselves.

Our players will have success for many years into the future. 

It's guaranteed.


As a result, we spend very little time marketing our services because we have a steady stream of clients who have been referred to us by their friends. We appreciate that.

We want your player to love the game and to discover how much fun it is to realize his own innate skills.

Traditional teaching methods often miss the mark in case you haven't been watching closely

We guide players so that they can achieve their maximum genetic capability. 

This is what we do at Top 10 Florida Baseball.



Our goal is to provide a long term comprehensive Player Development Program that is athlete centered, science and coach driven, and supported by family.

We work with youth, amateur and professional players.

Our services range from skill development to athletic development, to positional development. 


We have been blessed with young boys who started with us in T ball and they are now in the  Major Leagues.

We have had the pleasure of watching our past players perform at every level of baseball including the College World Series, MLB All Star Games, MLB World Series, and the World Baseball Classic. 

We do not have any Hall of Famers yet. Not yet. But we see one or two in the making.

We focus on one player at a time, one day at a time.

We train, teach, mentor, and advise players 7 days a week. 

We have students that travel from  New York, Massachsets, Pennsylvania over the holidays to train with us.

We have students that travel from Aruba, Curacao, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Saint Martin to train with us.

We bring our players to Cuba and the Dominican Republic to train and compete.

We guarantee that we can bring your player to the next level or you can have your money back. That is our promise.

To accomplish this our services include:

  • Private 1 on 1 Training

  • Semi Private - Small group Training and Conditioning

  • Group Conditioning Programs

  • Holiday and Summer Conditioning and Skill Development Camps

  • Pitching- Catching and Hitting Classes

  • Gold Glove Classes

  • Team Training Programs

  • Showcase Opportunities

  • Private MLB tryouts

  • Developmental Scrimmages

  • MLB style Training Camps in the Dominican Republic

  • Tournaments in the Dominican Republic

  • Player Advisory Services

  • Player Representation both in the USA and in the International Market

The key to success is hard work, preparation, passion, technique, consistency and a long range plan.

Our approach to Player Development embraces all of the above.

We teach from the ground up and no stone is left untouched.

We teach our players how to stand, walk and run and how to shake hands.

They will have swagger and they will learn how to be humble.

We have a long term training approach and utilize a modular building block methodology based on years of experience.

If need be, our players will attend dance class or golf class to round out their game.

Our players will learn how to teach what they have learned and how to pass it on to younger players.

The key is our holistic view and our attention to detail by our instructors. They are also very patient while simulataneously exuding a passion for excellence.

The key for each player is to build a strong work ethic on top of an athletic foundation with a respect for both the game and his competition. And along the way we teach him how to move his body like a professional does while learning   skill related actions that translate into powerful tools.

We believe that training and preparation and an expectancy of success are the keys to athletic success.

Our players are in training for the Major Leagues, not to make the high school team.

We believe that a player development program that is centered around the needs of the athlete which focuses on training first and competition second will maximize his potential for long term success. 

We do not want our players peaking at 12 or 14 years of age.

We believe in the 10 Year Rule, often referred to by sports science and educators, which states that it takes 10,000 hours of training to build an elite athlete.

We believe that the emphasis currenlty placed on winning by parents, educators administrators and coaches is a critical failing point in todays baseball infrastructure in the USA and that players have fallen victim to it as we now live in a results oriented society.

A whole new wave of Monday morning sports medicine and orthopedic surgeons and rehab specialists have been spawned in the last 20 years because of our need to push our young children to compete and win.

Our rate of developing successful players elite in the USA is being surpassed by the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Japan and they are not emphasizing winning at the youth levels as we are. They are focusing on training, and how to train and they are succeeding at much higher ratios than we are with far fewer injuries. 

We believe that todays administrators, league officials, and parents in the USA have a very diffcult time setting aside their own strong personal interests and motivations as it relates to what is actually best for each athlete. 

We believe that the baseball infrastructure in the United States is self absorbed, profit driven, results oriented, and arrogant to a fault and as a result over 99% of our players never reach their potential.

Little League is great for developing sportsmanship and getting a player and his family excited about baseball. Thank Goodness for this volunteer based organization which does so much to get our players started.  

Travel ball is a great opportunity for providing some higher levels of competition and getting us ready for more serious baseball often on the road but it is entirely self serving and sets up a system built around winning while it professes to develop players.

High School baseball is great for community spirit and showing boys how the game starts to become really serious and is a nice stepping stone into the showcase circuit but it stunts the growth of more players than we can accurately estimate. 

 As far as player development infrastructure goes in the USA, the gaps in our system are wide and deep and seriously lacking in form, function and purpose.

The evidence is there to see that that our system of developing players is changing, but at too slow of a rate, and too late for the current generation of players.

We believe there are more good yound dedicated coaches around today than ever before, but they are joining a broken dysfunctional system that lacks direction, clarity, leadership or vision past the current season or upcoming playoffs.  

We believe that if you could fast forward 20 years we would see an entirely different baseball landscape in it's place. This future landscape will place more emphasis on long term training than on winning weekend tournaments or local league championships.  Parents will be more involved than ever, but they would be insisting on more beef and less fluff.

We believe that the parents have become such a driving force in a complicated set of dynamics that the system now reflects the demands of the parents, but as they do not understand the dangers of not having a long term training model in place, their own sons are paying the price with their eventual failure.

We belive that many parents are so obsessed with winning and controlling which team their son plays on, that they do so with relish. Afterall, they are loving parents and wish to protect him from losing. In actual fact they are protecting their own self esteem because all players learn how to handle failure, and parents rarely do.  The truth is that players let go of failure in far less time that their parents do.

And all parents love their children, so they use their education and money and rescources to protect him and to find him a team where he does not have to sit on the bench or be a second stringer.  In doing so they have deprived him of the Darwinian Principles of self development and competition and are unwittingly directly contributing to the lack of player development and set him up for a stunted maturation process.

The most difficult part of our job is educating the parents. The players are the easy part.

Very few parents or youth coaches today understand Player Development.

They often think it has something to do with equal playing time or teaching different positions, or not worrying about winning. 

Heck, the NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox are confused on how to develop players. They lead the pack with failing to develop players........ and they are struggling today with defining what it means to develop players........... so no offense should be taken by novices.

Hmmmmm. I wonder if the Yankee and Sox struggle to develop players has anything to do with the intense daily pressure from the media and fans to win now . Probably just a coincidence, or maybe not.

The fact of the matter is that our fractured infrastructure in the USA does not promote player development, or teach it or embrace it.

Take batting cage machines for example: Just a small simple example.

Indoor baseball facilites use them as a main tool for developing hitters. Every bustling town has multiple cages. Most teams and players go to the cages regularly to hit. Players rent them by the hour or month and buy memberships in an attempt to become a good hitter. It sure seems logical  doesn't  it? Heck, lets go hit!

But if you go to professional baseball camps you will not see the boys hitting off of machines very often. Sometimes maybe, but not often.  The machines are primarily used to train catchers or outfielders in specailized drills. Why?

Don't you think that the NY Yankees can afford to have dozens and dozens of state of the art pitching machines for their hitters?  But they do not. Why? 

Because accomplished hitters do not want to hit off a machine, because it messes  up their swing and timing.  It's fun, and its a nice activity and it seems to be helping but it messes them up. It messes up their timing, vision acuity, reflexes and tempo.  Other than that it works just fine.


Simple:  The machine sends a different type of ball, from a lower release point, from a different angle, with a different spin, with a different pre-release action, from a different height, to a different path with a different trajectory with a different force factor creating a different look and feel to the hitter. Then they go to live pitching and have to start all over adjusting to something very diffferent.

Most coaches do not know that machines can set players backwards nor do most parents.

Listen, todays parents are very involved and they are results oriented and they are more educated than parents of 30 years ago. The internet and smart phones has changed everything. Todays parents are hard working, caring, interested hard driving and well read on the internet. And...  now they they know a lot of stuff..... but the hardest person to teach is the person who already knows the answers. And they already know.

And they work hard for their money and want to see results. Thats a given.

For them, winning on Sunday translates to a positive result, but do they know know that years and years of Sports Science and research study disagrees wholeheartedly?

Sports science indicates that players who win early and often without the benefit of a progressive player development platform whcih focuses on development and not competition do not reach elite levels of play proportionately as their psychological drive to attain higher levels of skill are somewhat inhibited.

Sports science also teaches us that players who are rushed into repeated competition without a comprehensive training platform before the age of 18 have a propensity to not reach their maximum potential for a variety of psychological reasons. On the other hand, Sports science teaches us that players who spend most of their time (75%) training and learning how to train up to age 18, go on to Olympic and elite levels of play at a much higher rate.   

Yes,  we all love to win and winning is so much more fun than losing... but only those of us who have been around the game for years know how to separate the two. Parents and coaches who have less than 20 plus years of experience on the field can not.

Unfortunately, far too often parents can start to define themselves partially on the basis of winning and losing. Interestingly, this rarely or never occurs for the parent who has played at the elite levels themselves. They have already made this journey.

In MLB, the team that wins the World Series, the best team in the world,  usually loses about 60- 70 games a year, which is more than most of our players have lost in their combined life time career. The average MLB team might lose over 90 games from spring training to October. If  a player goes off to winter ball he might lose another 50. Some MLB players might lose 140 games a year, more than some players lose in a lifetime, but it's all chalked up to development.

Players need to learn how to handle defeat as it is a normal part of the game. One of the worst things a parent can do is to manipulate the system so that your child is on a winning team repeatedly. Ouch!

We also know that very little can be learned from victory but you can learn everything about yourself and others from defeat. 

From a sports science and investigatiive point of view we know that our infrastructure is producing the following results:

  • Parents who are insisting on their child be on winning teams.

  • Parents who are leaning on a competitve system to develop their  childs skill sets

  • More events and tournaments and leagues than ever before, delivering large profits to vested individuals with little attention given to developing balanced athletes that have a solid foundation of motor skills, balance, strength and stamina

  • Over 95% of young athletes are not trained in fundamental body movements and their resulting failure years later is directly linked to this fact

  • Over 90% of our young players will experience slight to serious arm injures or difficulties before they are 16

  • Over 94% of our high school varsity players will not be good enough to play in college

  • Over 90% of our young youth players will drop out of baseball before they reach the 8th grade

  • Less than 3% of the USA players drafted have any measurable success

  • Long toss is not helpful as it relates to building pitchers velocity yet it is pushed daily by most teams and programs across the country

  • Soft toss is used daily by most of our coaches yet the best teams  use it very carefully and not often because it is known for producing long slow swings

  • We now have our 5th generation of hittters who are still being taught to squish the bug by coaches and instructors at many levels when squishing the bug is clearly not the correct method of rotating the hips thru a baseball

  • We now have a travel system of baseball that is a license to play if you can pay.

  • We now have a travel system of baseball that has mirrored the Little League format it looks down upon, and yet it is more identical to it than it is different. 

We at Top 10 are pioneering the future.

We are asking our clients to buy into a long term developmental philosophy that is not being promoted or used by anyone within sight.

We are asking our clients to look at the logic of our science based approach.

We are asking our clients to act in the best interests of their child.

To find our brothers in arms, one must look towards Canada, or the Dominican Republic or towards MLB training camps.

This is who we are and what we are doing.








Training Camp in the Dominican Republic

Sophomore Ruben Garcia Commits

15yr old Top 10 student, Ruben Garcia committed verbally to a full ride at Florida International University this past week. FIU was one of a number of D1 colleges that had offered Ruben a scholarship, but playing locally for a competitive D1 school seemed to be a perfect fit.  The Garcias have a large family that leave near the school which assures the opportunity for everyone to watch Ruben play college ball.

The early committment is an honor and speaks loudly to Rubens skill level and maturity level. Top 10 is predicting that Ruben will be looked at closely by a number of major league teams over the next 2 years and that he will be on the draft board in the 2014 MLB draft. The early committment to FIU will allow Ruben to showcase and compete and to continue to develop his game without pressure or concern to accumulating personal statistics.

Ruben is a slick fielding shortstop who has latin actions and a cannon for an arm. He hits for average and power.

Congratulations to Ruben and his family.



This hitting video is 'Awesome"

Study this it  closely.

I suggest that you watch it over and over.

Watch the bat path closely, and you will see how the bat path is short and compact to the ball with no back side lag.

Watch how the hands start the swing, but that the hips lead the way, with the hands following.

Watch how the foot gets down, with plenty of time to spare.

Watch closely how the rear foot does not turn, but rather how it "releases" and that this release is a result of hip and knee action.

Watch the balanced and complete finish.




Rubin Garcia

Rubin Garcia makes 15u USSSA National Team

Top Ten player  Rubin Garcia will be playing on the 15u USSSA National Team next summer in the Gold Medal Games against various countries such as Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, and many more.  Rubin participated in the USSSA All-American Games last week, which is a tournament for USSSA to select their 15u, 16u, and High School Varsity National teams.  He was one of 18 players out of hundreds to be selected for the 15u National Team.  Rubin goes to West Centenniel High School and will be a Sophmore this fall.  He made his varsity high school team as a freshman and started at right field.  His main position is shortstop and he will most likely play there this coming spring.  He graduates in 2014.  He played for the All-American Prospects this summer and played up in 16u and 17u tournaments almost all the time.  Rubin trains with Top Ten weekly and is looking forward to a long an successful career in baseball.

New Addition to Top 10 Baseball


We wanted to announce that Hector Barrio from Panama will be training and coaching with us at Top 10 as he prepares for the next step in his academic and baseball career.

Hector has played both professional baseball ( Phillies) and NCAA college baseball.

He now wants to pursue his academic career again and we are looking for an NAIA or JUCO for him.

Hector is 19 years old.

He is an excellent instructor at many facets of the game and we look forward to working with him.

He has a 1.87 pop time and a 90 + mile an hour arm, with excellent footwork.

He will be working primarily with the players on Wednesday and Fridays at Meli Park and we will have him up this way as often as possible.

Here are the links where you can see Hectors  videos.  These videos were taken in Panama 2 months ago.

Players should note the concrete field, and wooden barrier fences etc. on the fields in Panama.

ALL NEW!! Pitchers Program


   We have just started up a new program for those who are serious about pitching. It is a small group program that is designed to build proper mechanics. As well as to develop arm, rotator cuff, leg, core, and explosive muscle strength. In the first half of the class you will work closely with an instructor through many different medicine ball, elastic bands, and explosive drills designed to strenghten the muscles crucial to a pitchers success. The second half you will be working closely with an instructor to develop proper throwing motion, arm slot, foot work, and leg work. The class is twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays from 4:45 to 5:45.

Prospect Players Welcome!!!

13U 1st Playoff Game Results


 Our 13u Team just played and won their first playoff game against the Coral Spring Trojans this last Saturday (5/14/11). It was a great victory for the team and they showed GREAT defense almost all game. We kept them scoreless for 5 out of the 6 innings of play. One weak defensive inning resulted in 4 runs off a couple of miss played balls and errors. However the other 5 innings the boys played AMAZING defense. Between MIcheal Maresca throwing 5 innings spectacularly, Nick Updike making diving plays and Jorge Hernando making a double play by himself to end the game the boys started to show their true colors. The bats also came out combined with smart, aggressive base running we worked together to score 11 runs. Making the final score 11-4 moving us on to the Semi-Final game on Tuesday 5/17/11 against the Weston Black Hawks. 

12U Lake Worth Tournament Information


Here is the game schedule for the 12u tournament in Lake Worth


Mon 3/21/11 7pm - 8:45pm    OKEEHEELEE vs. TOP 10    FIELD 3

Tue 3/22/11 7pm - 8:45pm    MIZUNO EDGE vs. TOP 10    FIELD 3

13u Lake Worth Tournament Information


Here is the game schedule for the 13u tournament in Lake Worth


Thu 3/24/11 7pm - 9pm    WB COBRAS vs. TOP 10    FIELD 4

Fri 3/25/11 7pm - 9pm  TEAM UNDER ARMOUR vs. TOP 10    FIELD 4


April Fool's Tournament in Lake Worth


We have another tournament next week that is sponsored by Easton in Lantana

This tournament goes from Tuesday, March 29 to Sunday, April 2

Both the 12u Tournament Team and the 13u Tournament Team will be participating in this event

The game schedule has not been announced yet but as soon as it does the practice schedule will be released.

Omar Williams

Top 10 Player Omar Wiliams had a spectacular showing in Arizona recently at the PowerShowcase held at Chase Field the  home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Omar hit the second longest home run of the event at 485 feet. See Omars video clip below.

Jovan Robinson

Jovan Robinson from Top 10 Baseball also participated in the Power Showcase. Jovan ran a  6.71 60 and he hit numerous big blasts with his new swing. His furthest home run traveled 444 ft.

Matt Ellmyer gets invited to USSSA National Tryouts

Top 10 Prospect Program player 13U Matt Ellmyer recently showcased for the Amateur Baseball Report as they were seeking to identify the best youth players across the United States.

Matt had a nice day, and ended up with an invitation to the 2011 USSSA All American Games which will be held this summer at the home of the   Houston Astros.

These games will feature the best hand selected 14u players from across the USA as they vie to make the USSSA National Team. The National team will go onto represent the USA in the USSSA Gold Medal Games in July of 2012 against Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, France, Italy, Bahamas, Latin America, and Peru.

In addition, Matt was complimented on the same day with an invitation to try out for the All American Prospect Program. This is one of the elite showcase programs in the USA. Over the past 10 years they have sent over 60 players forward to professional baseball.  Mike Adams who runs this program has helped over 150 boys receive college scholarships.

Matt said thank you very much, we appreciate the invitation, I'll let you know where and when. 

Nice. Nice.


Columbia Baseball Clinic


The Top Ten baseball coaching staff recently returned from Columbia where they conducted a 2 day coaching clinic in Medelllin on the weekend of Feb 5 and 6th in 2011. 

Coaches Drew Hall, Jimmy Breslin, Bryce Breslin, and Fernando Bernacett assisted the Medellin Academy Director Pablo Abreu working with over 50 youth players ranging in age from 8-16. Coach Abreu has coached on the Columbia National team and is originally from Pinar del Rio in Cuba.

Matt Ellmyer

Tournament News

Top 10 13U Takes 3rd Place in Lake Worth Bash

I guess Wow! would be a pretty good description of how the 13U boys played this week. Maybe Double Wow!

We were undefeated..................thats right ........undefeated for 5 days...... we were undefeated and unvanquished right up until the final pitch of the tournament .............and it took extra innings and a Texas tie breaker and a lucky bounce to beat us.

We played 4 top travel teams and we handled every one...... we played every one tuff, tuff, tuff......

We were 1 pitch away from the Championship Game with pitching to spare.

The chemistry came together this week........... and it came together impressively with a very loud exclamation point!

The process of building a team came into full view this week.

The boys have now officially become a TEAM.  They are walking like a team, talking like a team, acting like a team and playing like a team.

And, after watching our boys, most coaches were picking us to win it all. They were that impressive during the week and it was that obvious that something special was happening.

They played upbeat, fiery, competitive, hardnosed, patiently agressive, cerebral baseball.  They never ever flinched and they just kept coming. They were on high octane all week. WOW!

They turned the corner this week and they did it beautifully.

We sent  7 different pitchers to the mound and they all got the job done.

They threw strikes, held runners, fielded their position and led the team with composure.

At this moment......We are just a month or two away from having a true 11 man pitching staff.

Now...that’s neat !!!

The defense....... well .......I’m not sure where to start because we saw more defense this week , and more neat plays, and diving plays and smart plays and double plays than the entire year combined.... It was fabulous.

The offense..... the best we’ve had yet. Lots of timely hitting, and lots of smooth major league style swings resulting in lots of line drives in the gaps. And some great bunting and baserunning. Very very nice !

Now..........It’s tough to single any one player out because we had lots of stars.......it seemed like every inning we had somebody doing something special.......and almost  every player played great and it genuinely was a full team effort by every measure..........but with new player Peter Moforis batting over .900 for the tournament from the always tough 4 hole.....and running the bases like a demon getting stand up triples and a few stolen bases and throwing 4 shutout innings in a 0-0 pressurized game, and making some pretty defensive plays over at first.......... and playing hurt......well I was just reflecting on how special that was....

But, as I said this was truly a team effort and we are so very proud of all of the players.

Congratulations to everyone.

We are all proud of you.

So.......Let's get  back to work and really turn up the heat.

The boys are ready for some new baseball stuff and I can't wait to get back to practice with them !!!!!!

Coach Jimmy B

13U Lake Worth Tournament Event


The 13U Team has it's first game this Wednesday night in the upcoming Lake Worth Tournament at 7:00.

The team plays it's second game on Friday night at 6:00.

Players should arrive 1 hour early.

Blue Shirts - White Pants

All 11u, 12u, and 14u players are invited into the dugout.

For those traveling to this field for the first time:

95 North to the 10th St Exit in Lake Worth.

Go East to the first light, and make a left.

Go 1 mile and the fields are on your right.





Michael Taylor is back in town!


Washington National  SS Michael Taylor is back in town!

Michael will be joining Top 10 Florida Baseball as an infield instructor  assisting us with our developmental program in Weston. 

Michael just completed his season at Hagerstown in the Sally League after being promoted from Rookie A, to Rookie Ball to A ball in just 2 seasons. Michael posted a .952 fielding percentage this year as a slick fielding shortstop in his second full season of professional baseball. 

Michael was a 6th Round Draft pick for the Nationals in 2009 coming out of Westminster Academy passing up a full scholarship to the University of North Florida.

Michael is an outstanding player, young man and role model.

He played SS/ Cf and pitched for Coach Jimmy B, Carlos Ponce and Coach Pedro in 2008 in the WWBA World Series and the Under Armour Classic where he was a heavily scouted top prospect.

Nick Updike joins the Prospect Program in 2011


It's official...........Nick is in.

Nick now joins Matt Ellmyer, Jake Eder and Tom Burnett.

The Prospect Program is a very special student/athlete developmental program. 

This program is a lot more than baseball training.

This is an invitation only program where players meet 3-5 x a week to:



Review Video Tape

Perform MLB Eye Strengthening  Exercises

Review and Study Major League Player Developmental Manuals

Participate  in Speed Reading Courses

Learn how to Ballroom Dance

And learn the basics of Yoga - Ballet and Golf because life is more than just baseball.


Palm Beach Tournament Team Training Program


The Palm Beach Tournament Team Training Program meets twice a week at the Lantana Complex.

The 12U team trains on Tuesday at 5:00 untill 7:30 and on Sunday at 3:30 until 6:00.

The 13/14U team trains on Tuesday at 6:00 until 8:30 and on Sunday at 5:00 until 7:30

Sessions are over 15 minutes early for players who need to leave to finish homework or prepare properly for school.

On occassion, the coaches will stay an additional 30-45 minutes extra to work with players who require extra assistance.  

This group consists of 12U, 13U, and 14U players with a few of our high school players mingling in occassionally.

Players should bring turf shoes and cleats. They may wear shorts or pants.

Each session will contain approximatly 45 minutes of conditioning, balance, footwork, agility, endurance and rotator cuff development.

The last part of the session focuses on offense and defensive drills and routines.

The Top 10 Coaching staff will rotate thru the schedule to give the players exposure to our entire staff.


This program is open to players from other Travel teams.

For more information on the details of this program please go to the Top naviagtion bar and access "TEAMS"

Once you have landed on that page, access "Tourney Team Training" on the left hand navigation bar.








Broward Tournament Team Training Program


The Broward Tournament Team Training Program meets twice a week.

Currently we are at Miele Park in Broward County.

We train on Wednesday at 6:00 and on Friday at 6:00.

Sessions are over at 8:15. 

On occassion, the coaches will stay an additional 30  minutes extra to work with players who require extra assistance.  

This group currrently consists  of 13U players only, but it is open to 12U and 14U players as we will be forming teams in those age brackets as well.

Players should bring turf shoes and cleats. They may wear shorts or pants.

Each Session will contain approximatly 45 minutes of conditioning, balance, footwork, agility, endurance and rotator cuff development.

The last part of the session focuses on offense and defensive drills and routines.

The Top 10 Coaching staff will rotate thru the schedule to give the players exposure to our entire staff.






The 2011 Prospect Program is about to be released!!!!!


Meanwhile, the schedule and format is as follows:


Monday  4:45-5:45   Pitching Lesson at Lantana

Tuesday 6:00-8:30   Tournament Team Training Program at Lantana

Wednesday - Off Day

Thursday 5:00-7:30 Baseball School at Boynton Office

Thursday 7:30- 8:30 Dance Class ( or as scheduled) in Delray Beach at the Palm Beach Gym on Linton Blvd.  

Saturday- Open Day

Sunday - Academy Training Session 10-1 at Lantana

Sunday- Tournament Team Training practice from 5:00 to 7:30



the players meet on Monday night for a pitching lesson at 4:45 at Lantana with a Top 10 pitching instructor.

Then on Tuesday and Sunday they spend 2 1/2 hours Training as a team with there age group.

Wednesday is an off day.

Thursday the Prospect Program does 2 sessions, back to back.

At 5:00 they meet at the Boynton office and go to Baseball School for 2 1/2 hours to study Baseball manuals and videotapes and books with Coach Jimmy B

Then at 7:30 we will conduct the second training session.

The second session is where we can deliver a variety of services to our Prospect Players to round them out as students and citizens. For the month of January and February of 2011, we have scheduled Latin Dancing under the supervision of Professional Dance Instructor Jon Melendrez. Sessions are conducted at the Palm Beach Gym in Delray Beach. The boys are currently scheduled to perform their  second performance on Jan 30th which will consist of two dance routines. The first routine will be a Salsa routine. The second routine will be a Cha Cha.  


Then on Sunday the Prospect Program players train with other Academy players from 10-1.



In the future the players are scheduled to attend:

Speed Reading Courses

Visual Eye Training Courses

SAT Prep Classes


and Yoga Classes 


Current Top 10 Prospect Players are:

Matt Ellmyer 13U

Jake Eder  12U

Tom Burnett 18U

 Nick Updike 13U

Top 10 Players Attend Power Showcase In Arizona


Top 10 Players Omar Williams and Jovan Robinson were invited to compete in the Power Showcase event this past week at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

This invitation only event features the top high school players from all over the world as they ran the 60, showed their glove skills and competed for Home Run Derby honors. 

This is the event that launched 2010 First overall  MLB pick Bryce Harper to the top of the baseball world.

Both Jovan and Omar showed very well with Omar coming in 6th place out of 95 players. Omar was in the running for the Longest Home Run honors right up to the very end.

When the dust had settled.... Omar had the 3rd longest home run which measured out at 485 feet!

Congratulations to our Top 10 players Omar and Jovan.






Tournament Program expands into Weston !

in January of 2011, the Top 10 Tournament Training prgram expanded in Broward county.

Under the supervision of Jimmy B, the program has formed around a group of promising 13 u players from Weston, Davie and Cooper City.

The players will train at Miele Park on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6- 8:15.

Coach Fernando Bernacett will coordinate the conditioning program.

Our 5 Tool development training will be instructed by:

Director of Player Development  Jimmy B

Head Coach Drew Hall

Head Coach Harvey Krupnick

Asst. Coach Bryce Breslin

Asst Coach Ryan Powell

Asst Coach Shane Breslin 

Omar Williams

Top 10 Player Omar Williams  just returned from Arizona where he competed in the Power Showcase at Chase Park.

Omar represented Top 10 and his home country of St Marteen in this prestigious national show case event which featured the best high school aged players in the world. This was an invitation only event which lasted 3 days  at the home field of the Arizona Diamondbacks in front of MLB scouts.

Omar came in 6th overall in the Home Run Deby event hitting one ball 485 feet!

Congratulations to Omar. Look for afeatured article soon on this event.

Lake Worth League

Top 10 will insert a 13 U team and a 10 U team into the newly formed Lake Worth Travel Ball League. 


JT Martin will Head Coach the 10 U Team.

Jimmy Breslin will Head Coach the 13 U Team.


The rosters are open.

The manager scheduling meeting is Saturday January 15th and the game schedule will be announced the following week.

Train and Vacation in the Dominican Republic

Top 10  has received an offer for Top 10 players to vacation and train  players in the Dominican Republic this summer alongside their players and instructors. 

This will be a 7 day trip.

Coach Breslin, Hall and Bernacett will accompany the team.

The date, costs and details  will be announced in the near future. 

We will make this a combination training, vacation and cultural exchange package.

it will include daily baseball traning, family time and touring opportunities.

The players will be selected from our 13U and above Tournament Team Training and Prospect Programs.

If you are intersted in traveling we recommend that you prepare your passports in the near future.

Coach Bernacett joins Top 10

Coach Fernando Bernacett has joined Top 10. 

Coach will handle conditioning, speed and agility training for the Tournament Team Training Program in both Boynton Beach and Weston.

Coach brings a weatlh of experience and knowledge having worked in Broward and Dade county with many NFL  players and with baseball players in the Dominican Republic.

Coach JT Martin gets promoted

After successfullly turning around the pitching staff of the Top 10 9U team

in 2010, Coach JT Martin has been promoted to Head Coach of the  10U,  2011 team.

Previous Head Coach Eddie Holzclaw will assume the position of General Manager as we develop this program to the next level.

Many of the 2010 players improved significantly and they received numerous invitations to play on other successful teams, and other players have returned to Little league for the spring so so we now have openings on that team.

In 2010 the Top 10 team under Holzclaw and Martin came in 2nd place in the competitive Premier League losing in the Championship Game to Boca.

This was a great finish to a great season.

Matt Elmyer Performs in ABR Showcase


The American Baseball Report Showcase was held this past weekend in Boynton Beach.

Players from all over Florida attended this event as they attempted to be noticed by scouts and the elite trael teams alike.

Top 10 Player Matt Elmyer attended and performed on Saturday running the 60 and going thru the showcase paces and drills.

Matts performance was very strong as he looked smooth and confident while showing consistent major league hand and bat actions.

Matt caught the eye of the recruiter for the All American Prospect Program and has received an invitation to play on their elite teams in the future. 

Coach Breslin coincidentally has very strong ties to this prestigious program thru its founder Mike Adams as they coached the 14U Team USA together in Venezuela, Cuba, and DR as well as the Florida Dream Team so Matt is now hooked for the future and will receive lots of attention and invites as long as he keeps progressing which we all know he will.

Cin Reds RHP Jacob Johnson returns to Top 10



Top 10 Instructor Jacob Johnson has returned to our Boynton Beach facility to train our young pitchers. Jacob returns from a season of pitching for the Cincinnatti Reds organization where he had a very successful season and awaits new re-assignement duties in Feb of 2011.

Jacob spend considerable time in 2010 working Atlantic RHP Joe Morrison and Top 10 students Matt Elmyer and Jake Eder. 

10U After School Baseball Academy Group Takes Off

The 10u After School Baseball Academy group has formed up on Tuesdays at 4:00 each week. They meet at the Lantana Complex.

Dylan Hankins, Darian Hankins, Jake Eder, Garret O'Connor, Adriel Lagoc, Nathan Coupet and Kadin Griffin form this 10u training group who will work on conditioning, balance, and developing their 5 basic tools under the tutelage and guidance of Coach Jimmy B and Bryce Breslin. 

The After School Academy groups can be composed of no more than 6 players so on days that we have more then 6 arrivals we will split the groups between different instructors.

Wow Wow and Wow

 This video shows something that virtually no one can do.


Hitting and Pitching Clinics

Spring Break Camp

Summer Camp


Omar Williams

Top 10 Baseball Academy player Omar Williams recently concluded his regular season at  Lake Worth Christian with a .680 batting average.

This outstanding achievement placed Omar # 1 in Florida in 2010 and 5th in the nation for high school players.

Omar was recently named to the Sun Sentinel 3A-2A-1A First Team All County as an utility man.

Congratulations are very much in order for Omar. With pitchers working around him regularly, Omar led the team in walks, rbi's, batting average and home runs, hitting 6 home runs.

Top 10 Director Jimmy Breslin credits Omar and his work ethic for his success. "He is blessed with some great hands but his dedication and hard work really paid off  for him. This year we changed him a bit... we went to a deeper extension and finish and modified his coil so he needed to work extra hard in the pre-season to smooth it out. He rarely missed a day of hitting in the 5 months leading up to the season, often spending 6 hours at the field said Breslin. In 5 months, he took 3 days off, so he was ready.  He's very smart with a great work ethic.... a tough combination to beat."

Omar has also recently been selected as the catcher for the French National 21U team. They will train this summer in Orlando at the home of the Houston Astros before leaving for the European Championships in August.

Omar Williams and Edwin Romero - Houston Astros Bench Coach

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