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Welcome to Top 10 Florida Baseball

Top 10 Baseball

Baseball is going on safely in the Dominican Republic right now!

April 2020 

    Currently Coach Jimmy  is TRAINING Players at the  Top 10 Baseball Academy in Juan Dolio in the Dominican Republic. For information please call, text or whatsapp  561-577-2055.  


    Training is done every day, 3 times a day.   Baseball is not cancelled with Top 10 Baseball.  Come down for incredible training to stay on your game!

Training in the DR








Come join us in the Dominican Republic


It is time to

Learn the Science behind: 

Arm Velo Development

Arm Development

Arm Care

Calculating Stress Loads

Torso Rotation

Arm Acceleration,

Power Vectors


Super Pronation

Principles of Power Connection

the Arm Power Slot and More!  


Anatomical Assessment

Vector Evaluation  

Bio Mechanical Sequencing Review  

Velocity Enhancement Drills

Command Enhancement Drills


Power Connection Drills  


Airport Transfer - All Meals - Room - Instruction - Assessment - Evals- Slo Mo Analysis - Conditioning - Drills - Instruction and More



Call 561. 577. 2055

 to reserve your Spot






Our mission is to create both advanced and elite players by guiding them to their optimal genetic potential through superior physical and mental training and thereby advancing them to the next level in baseball and in life.




Player Development - Creating Elite Athletes



Creating advanced and elite players is what we do.

How do we accomplish this?

With private lessons and with our Top 10 Dominican Baseball Academy.

In both environments, your player becomes the focal point of the player development process. 

Creating an elite athlete is a process which involves many dynamics most of which can not be incorporated into a team environment.

Allow me to repeat that:

Teams do not build players.

The point here is that the majority of parents are very focused on their son being part of a "good team", or a winning team so that he can become a better player. This premise would seem to have some argumentative logic but in reality it is a flawed recipe and all professional coaches will echo this as well as hundreds of thousands of parents who can now attest to that.   

The truth of the matter is that players accelerate faster in an environment of adversity and protecting up and coming players from that adversity is a developmental mistake. This might be the biggest mistake that most parents make.

This is akin to telling a player to "protect the plate ". As my friend and great instructor Rich Luppino used to say "protect your sister and protect your Mother but forget about protecting the plate". 

Parents love their children and manipulate everything under their control to protect their children from adversity and losing and from being on a team that might lose.

God forbid. 

If you are a baseball fan then you know that the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals suffered for years like no teams or organizations we can recall.......and now they are strong and resilient and fearless.

Altuve is no overnight success.

He was part of a hapless team for years.

And if you don't think the Dodgers, Red Sox and Yankees fans are not suffering, think again.

Pain is part of the process.

Every champion player and team and organization has to pay this price for success.

Believe me when I say parents that use their intelligence and money to shield their developing players from being on a losing team are stunting their overall maturity and development for their own fragile ego. 

Adversity and learning how to handle it, is a critical component when building champions of the future.

Let the kids play and if they lose..... they are one step closer to figuring it out.

Also...... it must be mentioned that the dynamics of building and running a competitive team are completely different than what it takes to develop a player.

Parents over reliance on this is amazing.

If you want to create an advanced player, the team component must be a background issue which only plays a supporting role in the developmental process. 

Player development is very much an individualized process, so to devote most of your practice time to a team model is a mistake.  

And it is a common mistake that cost many players their chance at true success.

The first part of the process is to prepare a player so that he can "hold his space" in a competitive environment.

This includes developing his mind, body, the beginning stages of his  5 tool package and his work ethic thru 1 on 1 lessons or small group training sessions and supporting team interaction.

Once the player is ready for a competitive  environment, nothing works better than full immersion on a full time academy schedule.

We have players that live at our Academy full time and they will all receive a college scholarship or sign an MLB contract. 

Yes... all of them. 

From our Academy environment we have built numerous college champions and scholarship players and signed many to MLB and pro contracts. 

Our academy is hard core and many players and parents are shell shocked on arrival at how hard we work. 

It is full immersion hard core baseball. 

We live, eat, and breathe baseball. 

We train 3x a day minimally and often we train 4x a day. 

We focus on conditioning, footwork and correct mechanics. 

Our coaches have all signed numerous players to MLB contracts and we know exactly what the scouts are looking for. 

We rise early and train hard. Then we eat, sleep a little, study, train some more, eat again and get right back after it with another hard core training session. 

Compare that to your regular baseball schedule. 

Our players receive more reps in 1 week than most players receive all season training on a travel or high school team. 

Players that train 2-3 x a week will eventually fade away while players who train 10-18x per week will take the scholarships and draft slots.