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Testimonials from Visitors to Cuba

"I have never seen players like that before. Cuba is unbelievable. It's like they were all born to play the game. They are the best I have ever seen," -Max Sapp -C/3B -Team USA 14U -Houston Astros First Round Draft Selection


"This was the best trip ever. Playing against these guys really showed me something. The city and the beaches and hotels are beautiful. I loved it. I am coming back." Adrian Cardenas -SS/2B -Team USA 14U - Philadelphia Phillies First Round Draft Selection


"I live in California and I have never see players pitch and run bases like that. They are definitely  strong and they play to win. I watched them train, it's very different, but it pays off at game time. It took everything we had to beat them." Hank Conger -C/1B -Team USA 14U -San Diego Padres First Round Draft Selection


"Cuban teams are tough. They seem smarter and more aware of what is going on. Next year I want to come back and do better." David Christensen -RHP/OF -Team Florida 13 U -Colorado Rockies Tenth Round Draft Selection


"Until you have played and coached in Cuba your resume is incomplete. I have coached and instructed in over 20 countries and Cuba is the real deal. They approach the game completely different than we do. Baseball is their life and passion and it shows as soon as they step onto a field. This is my third trip here and I still can't believe what I'm seeing. It's impossible to describe. You have to see it, touch it and feel it first hand. The great thing is that my kids are paying attention and they come home as a more coachable player, with a new found respect for the game ready to learn. All of my players are better because of our trips to Cuba. Cuna is the best. If you are serious about giving your players a real experience, go to Cuba, it's phenomenal. You will never forget it." Manager Mike Adams -Dream Team USA -Florida Pro Prospects


"I have traveled all over the world with my family and Cuab was the Best trip ever. It was really different. It's hard to describe but the best place to go for fun and baseball." Chris Espinosa -Catcher -Boynton Beach All Star Team


"Cuba was unbelievable. I loved it. It was the best baseball trip I have ever done. I want to go back next year." Chip Stout -OF/LHP -Forest Hill High School


"I have been to Cuba 3 times with Coach Breslin and each trip has been unbelievable. The Cuban players mare the best in the world. They are smart, aggressive, and really, really tough to beat. And afterwards, well, I have medalist of baseball friends there because after the competition they are all smiles and congratulations and curious about me and my life. If you want to play against the best I recommend this trip to any competitive player."  Wade Corpi -LHP -Team Florida -Notre Dame