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Welcome to Top 10 Florida Baseball

Training in the DR



Come join us in the Dominican Republic
     for our 2019 Winter Holiday

     95 MPH Power Arm Camp

  March 20-30th
          at our Private Baseball Villa

near the luxurious beaches of Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic


   Do you want to play College or Pro Ball?
   Are you on the Road to Having an Elite D1 - MLB Arm?
95 is the new 90- don’t be left behind
Do you want to light up the Gun some day ?
Then come to our  

  Dominican Power Arm Camp

Find out why the Dominicans and Latin players are dominating and taking Center Stage in MLB All Star games and Playoffs with Plus Plus Arms all over the field:

Chapman, Osuna, Martinez, Pluig, Cespedes, Soto, Fernandez, Betances, Ozuna,  Severino, Molina, Arenado, Lindor, Sanchez, Garcia, Santana, Acuna, Correa, Ozuna, Ramirez, Grandal, Perez, Contreras, Gurriel, Vargas, Rodney and many more

Listen - its not just about the velo- it is about developing the arm properly and cautiously

Strasburg was throwing 100 coming out of college - He was the #1 Pick and the arm broke down in his first season in the bigs-  Find out what the Nats did over the last 10 years to save his career and make him what he is today

It’s time for you to Learn how the Latin Players develop their arms for 95 plus - and for the long haul - 

We teach it every day !

It is time to Get out of the Bullpen and 

Learn the Science of: 

Arm Development

Arm Care

Calculating Stress Loads

Torso Rotation

Arm Acceleration,

Power Vectors


Super Pronation

Principles of Power Connection

the Arm Power Slot and More!  

Join us for a 10 day camp - $695 all Included and receive:  

Anatomical Assessment

Vector Evaluation  

Bio Mechanical Sequencing Review  

Velocity Enhancement Drills

Command Enhancement Drills


Power Connection Drills  


Airport Transfer - All Meals - Room - Instruction - Assessment - Evals- Slo Mo Analysis - Conditioning - Drills - Instruction and More



Call 561. 577. 2055

 to reserve your Spot


We are only bringing in 15 Players and the first 7 spots are spoken for so

Call Now



Jake Eder - Vanderbilt- National Championship

Jake Eder - Vanderbilt National Champion

College World Series

Winning Pitcher

Jake Eder 

Top 10 Florida Player


Are You Ready to be an

"Elite" Baseball Player ? 

Winning Pitcher- Jake Eder hoists the National Championship trophy after shutting down Michigan in the. final game for 3 innings

Jake Eder hoists the National Championship trophy after shutting down Michigan for 3 innings in the final game at Omaha in 2019