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Baseball Academy Dominican Republic

The Villa

The Hacienda de Flores - Our New Home for Top 10 Baseball Academy

We have batting cages, swimming pools and recreational areas for players to train and relax

We have 10 residences on our property to house both players and visiting families

New Academy Location




                                New Home for our

                        Dominican Baseball Academy 




Coach Jimmy B is very pleased to make 2 very important announcements. 


First, we are very proud to say that Top 10 Florida Baseball recently made a major property purchase for our Top 10 Dominican Baseball Academy. 

As they say in Texas Hold Em and Poker - “We Went All In”. 


The new Academy is a private Villa named Hacienda de Flores, situated on one acre of rural property just minutes from the beach in Juan Dolio and just 30 minutes from the Capital. As they say location, location, location. 


The land surveys have been certified. 

The titles have been documented.

The contracts  have been signed. 

The closing has occurred.  

And Top 10 has moved in and we are up and running at our new home.   


The second announcement is that our new facility will feature a  year round High School Academic Program for our US players who will be training year round in the DR. This program will be the most intense baseball training and academic program ever devised for US students. They will train in baseball for 6 hours per day and accomplish everything they need to do academically for college and much more including SAT preparation.



The Villa property includes:   


  • A  beautiful 9 foot privacy wall made of coral surrounding the entire property giving us privacy and security. 
  • 9 separate buildings for player and family housing.
  • A 2 bedroom 2 bath VIP guest home on the west end of the property. 
  • 5 private cabanas surrounded by palm trees and flowers nestled around our large pool.  
  • A  3 bedroom Bunk House on the east end of the property. 
  • A  2 bedroom utility building for staff workers on the north side of the property.  
  • All of the buildings are hurricane proof as they are 100% made out of poured concrete and reinforced steel. There is not a stick of lumber or drywall or plaster anywhere in any of the houses. 
  • The floors in each building are granite and the windows and doors of the main buildings all have wrought iron security doors and windows. 
  • And we have a garage building we are converting to a Restaurant and Recreation House for the players. 
  • The entire property is a tropical rainforest setting with exotic flowers, gardens and elevated walkways.
  • We have a large swimming pool with outdoor lighting, sound systems and outdoor showers at each end of the property.  
  • And after removing some non productive banana trees, we now have an on site training space for ground balls and catch and bullpens.  
  • The first batting nets are up and operational and we will install a full 70 foot MLB sized batting tunnel before the summer. 
  • We have purchased everything we need to build a commercial restaurant and dining room on site for players and families.
  •  We will have a gym/workout area and a recreational lounge area for the players between sessions.  
  • We have 3 storage rooms for our equipment and supplies.
  • Our own deep water well provides water to all buildings. 
  • We have back up generators on site just in case.  



This location is:

  • 1 minute from the bus stop
  • 2 minutes to the bank 
  • 2 minutes to the local grocery store
  • 2 minutes from the Argentinian Steak House
  • 3 Minutes to the Italian Restaurant
  • 3 minutes to the American Pharmacy 
  • 4 minutes to the Pizza Store  
  • 4 minutes to the Beach. 
  • 4 minutes to the Gourmet Deli
  • 4 minutes to the Country Club and Golf Course 
  • 5 minutes from our previous location 
  • 10 minutes from the busy metropolis of San Pedro de Marcoris 
  • 13 minutes to the MLB camps in San Pedro de Marcoris 
  • 15 minutes to the MLB baseball camps in Boca Chica 
  • 25 minutes from the airport in Santo Domingo. 
  • 30 minutes to the Capital and downtown and Malecon
  • 40 minutes to the La Romana and Bayahibe Resorts 
  • 90 minutes to Punta Cana resorts and airport 
  • 2 hours and 10 minute flight from Fort Lauderdale

Nearby we have 2 exclusive golf course communities, a business center, numerous beachside restaurants, local banking, gourmet delicatessens, ice cream shops, car rentals, American styled pharmacies and a special police department to assist tourists.  


Within walking distance we have a hotel which can  accomodate parents staying for short visits if our homes and pool side bungalows are occupied. 


We are presently upgrading the electrical and plumbing in all of the buildings, furnishing the rooms, landscaping and painting. 


Year Round Academic Program 

The Hacienda de Flores was previously a boutique hotel offering seclusion, and luxurious ambiance. And now it will do the same but as a true year round Baseball and Academic school for our students from the USA and Europe.  Last year we had our first USA students on a year round schedule and it was a success- so now that concept is going to be expanded - student/athletes can now train with us year round -  practicing 3 or 4x a day.  This year we will go full blast year round and GO is the word. 


We have already had our first full time commitments for next year from the students and parents who visited us this past summer.  They personally saw the difference and are preparing to exit the US school system and train year round with us. 


For serious baseball families one of the key questions is  this? Why would you spend from 7:00 in the morning till 3:00 in the afternoon covering what actually amounts to about only 3 -5  hours worth of academic material? And then only have 2 hours left for baseball? And then not qualify for a baseball scholarship because you just missed the cut? It is virtually impossible to reach elite level status on this schedule. 


If you follow the Olympics, or gymnastics or tennis at the higher levels you will notice that many of the performers are school aged athletes who spend the majority of their day training to be elite athletes and they receive  3-4 hours of academic structure as well. Baseball is now going that way with many of the top HS athletes across the USA opting to leave their local school system to train full time.  


At Top 10, we want our players to receive college scholarships and to receive their college education. However, securing that scholarship today is more difficult than it was  10 years ago with so many baseball athletes training on a serious full time basis under good coaches. The bar of excellence has been raised and we need to do the same. 


Therefore, we will structure our Top 10 Dominican Baseball Academy so that each student athlete receives 6 hours a day in baseball and 3-4 hours of academic work daily. We will be able to do so because everything is on site, self contained and geared for maximum efficiency of time. No traveling, no driving, no waiting for classes, no moving from class to class, no unproductive free periods, no boring lectures, no napping in class, no cheating, no texting friends, no distractions from students that do want to be in school learning.  


I am sorry to report that the US educational system has fallen tremendously over the past 30 years. At one time our schools were highly ranked worldwide, but currently we rank #21-40 depending on which area of education we are looking at.  Yes, we  outspend most every country in education, and our rescources are virtually unlimited yet we rank very low. You are paying the price with hard earned tax and tuition dollars and our children will pay later in many ways. 


The level of graduating students in the USA  is at a record high but their actual readiness and proficiency is at an all time low. 


The reasons cited are many and the arguments rage as the various institutions and unions fight for more money from the gov’t but with teacher salaries and school grades often tied to student scores on state standardized testing the table is set for a mediocre education. The teachers have solved this problem by often supplying the answers to the students with Work Sheets that contain the answers. 


This system creates an environment of Teaching to the Test Grade as opposed to actually ensuring that genuine proficiency occurs.  School systems encourage this because their grades and gov’t funding is also tied to student test scores. Add in the facts that many students have their cell phones available and can text or snapchat liberally, are listening to non positive music selections containing violent and negative messages, viewing who knows what on instagram and u tube, it’s amazing the kids are doing as well as they are. 


We can not change the world, but we can offer a high quality education and intense baseball training environment which no one will be able to match. 


Our next big project for the spring requires assistance if you think you can help. 

We are presently staging to send 2 cargo containers down to the Villa in March and we are collecting anything that we think can be of use to us moving forward.  


We will be outfitting 9 buildings with household items, televisions, garden tools, power tools and recreational items such as gym equipment, weights, and old x boxes.    


We need to be completely self sufficient in all regards so we will need additional generators, pumps, compressors, ladders and all sorts of tools. 


Also, and this is very important - we have adopted a local neighborhood of young dominican and haitian boys who are living - I am sad to say in virtual squalor -  no running water and no electricty so you canonly imagine. Therefore we are collecting used clothing, used  baseball equipment,  books, school supplies and canned food for local distribution on our return.  


If you have anything that you think might be useful we would be most appreciative. 


Coach Jimmy B 

The Beach in Guayacanes where we train many mornings



Academy Player Development Program 

Call 561-577-2055


Anytime during the year an individual player can live at the Top 10 Academy in Juan Dolio.  We have a private enclosed Villa setting near the beach just 25 minutes from the airport in Santo Domingo.

Our compound is composed of 10 separate buildings to accommodate players and families comfortably. 

We have batting cages, training areas, and major league sized fields. 

We have players that come for just one week, or for the entire year.

Players have visited us from New York, Massachusetts,  Texas, California, Maryland, N. Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Germany, Hungary, Colombia, Venezuela, Aruba, St Martin, Panama, Bahamas and Cuba. 

Players of all ages can attend as we can easily accommodate both the young player and the professional athlete. 

For players who wish to stay for a semester or the entire year the minimum age is 13. 

Most American players stay for 4-8 weeks during the summer or for 1-2 weeks over the school recess periods. 

NEW: We now have an on line Academic Program for players that want to train full time. 

The live in players  can now attend middle school and high school classes on line daily at our Academy so that they can graduate HS on time and attend college. 

The players will train 3x a day for a total of 6 hours a day of baseball instruction. And they will attend classes and do homework for 3-5 hours daily depending on his curriculum. 

New: Prospect Player Program

 In addition, Coach Jimmy B is going to implement a special program that he has used successfully in the USA to send players to such schools as Stanford Notre Dame and Vanderbilt. The program has 3 parts.

First Phase:  On or prior to arrival I personally test the students on their actual knowledge of the basics of science, math, reading, writing, history and computer program literacy. Our experience has been that most of our students actually do not retain much of what they supposedly learned in school and the amount of short cuts they are using to get good grades boggles the mind. 

Second Phase: Once we determine the students true strengths and weaknesses an in house  remedial program is developed to strengthen the weak areas.  

Third Phase: At the end of the day we as parents want our sons to be successful in what ever career path they choose. We want them well educated, with many skill sets which will allow them to be confident and able to solve problems regardless of the nature and complexity.  To accomplish this we must not be singly focused on baseball. And conversely, we have found that the most successful baseball players possess other skill sets which helps to propel them forward in their baseball careers. 

Therefore to develop additional skill sets and to further propel them forward in baseball and life we will offer a variety of activities in our Prospect Program which will include:

  • learning spanish
  • golf 
  • tennis
  • basketball
  • ballroom dancing
  • yoga
  • mechanical trade skills 
  • fire starting skills
  • compass skills 
  • horseback riding
  • purchasing and negotiating prices in the local marketplace 



Ok.... back to just baseball for a moment. 

The success that our year round baseball students players have had is nothing short of outstanding. 


Over the years, we have had over 60 boys drafted or signed with MLB teams. We have had the pleasure of many of our boys being selected in the first round. 

We have sent boys on scholarship to Notre Dame, Miami, Virginia, Stanford, Florida State, LSU and many other schools. 

One of our players, Jake Eder from Florida recently was ranked as the # 9 incoming college freshmen in the USA. We passed on offers of over a million dollars in the 2017 MLB draft to continue his education. He was later drafted by the Mets as a courtesy selection as they wish to develop a future relationship with him.  Jake started training with us at age 9 and is now at Vanderbilt. 

One of our players, Junior King from St Martin started baseball at age 19 with us. He was 6'3, 162 lbs but fast. He had never played before and was not proficient in any sport so we were starting from scratch. Junior now weighs 235 lbs with bulging muscles. He throws 90 mph, runs a 6.4 60, hits bombs over 400 feet and is now on a baseball college scholarship after coming very close to signing with the Dodgers and Pirates.  

One of our players was cut from his HS team as a freshmen and as a sophomore. After 9 months in the DR with us, we turned down 5 offers from MLB teams to sign him to a contract and he returned to the same HS as the starting centerfielder hitting in the 3 hole. Soon thereafter at his first showcase, he has received 3 college scholarship offers. 


One of our players Josh Martinez was a D1 college shortstop but received no offers in the draft. He trained with us for 10 weeks and signed his first professional contract soon after he returned home. 

The bottom line is the American baseball development system is suspect and self serving while the Dominican coaches know how to develop elite players and arms.

If you want to be an elite player, going to the DR is a must. 

The price varies based on your length of stay. 

Call Coach Jimmy B at 561-577-2055 for assistance pricing your trip. 

The accommodations include:

  • Airport greeting and pick up 
  • 7 day a week lodging - bunk bed style 
  • 4 meals a day -Nutritious Dominican fare 
  • Snacks and Bottled Water 
  • Daily coaching instruction 
  • Video Tape analysis 
  • Games 
  • 3 Practice sessions per day
  • Wifi 
  • Live in coach - 24 hours a day -7 days a week 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Recreation Area
  • Security
  • Airport departure escort

Not included:  

  • personal expenses
  • telephone
  • additional snacks or food
  • personal expenses
  • airport departure transfer cost

We train as a group 4x times per day. 

For players that would like to have 1-1 personal coach, during  your visit just let us know. 


     Call 561. 577. 2055 for additional information 


                 Important Note to parents and players: 

Living in the Dominican Republic training like a Dominican player is an intense baseball experience for most American players.  The best description might be that it is a Spartan Approach. The amenities are few. The day to living conditions can be difficult by American standards and the baseball schedule is rigorous. This is a Dominican Academy and not an American sleep away camp.

Most of the players we have brought there do just really well, as it is safe, fun, and entertaining in many ways,  but about 1 out of 20  struggle. 

What makes it challenging and difficult? 

  • Unrelenting sun
  • 3-4 training sessions daily
  • Intense training 
  • More running and throwing and hitting than you have ever done
  • Intermittent electricity
  • Different diet
  • No air conditioning
  • Bunk bed style living 
  • No air-conditioned ride to the field 
  • No hot showers
  • No Mom to pick up after you   
  • Less time for Facebook and social media
  • Early morning wake up calls for training
  • Non manicured playing fields
  • Stiff competition
  • Language and cultural barriers

If you are going there with the intention of working hard, and becoming a better player who can learn to adapt and make adjustments in a challenging environment you will do fine.  You will go home a more mature person, a better baseball player and one who appreciates the opportunities your family have given you in the United States.

That is our overall goal.

Making you a better baseball player is definitely our primary focal point and we will get that done guaranteed, but a big part of the program is the overall experience that can not be replicated here in the USA. 

The opportunity of lifetime will be presented to you in our Academy.  What you do with it, and how much you learn and develop will be dictated by your attitude, approach and willingness to become mentally stronger and physical more skilled.

If  you are ready for a challenge, come to the DR. 

Call  Coach Jimmy B - 561 577 2055




American Players Jake Eder and Connor Breslin join our Academy for 1 week of intense training and game action.