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Baseball Academy Dominican Republic

For Elite Player Development




                 Top 10  Academy

                   Player Development Program Overview



Our prestigious Academy which is been recognized as one of the premier training centers in the Caribbean is located in a sleepy beach town far away from the hustle and bustle of the DR in Juan Dolio between Boca Chica and San Pedro de Marcoris.

Incoming players traveling on their own will be met at the airport and brought back to our Villa setting- 20 minutes from the airport.

On arrival you will receive an orientation welcome and be assigned a room and roommates. 

If you arrive early enough in the day to join a session - we will get you started. If you arrive after the last session - we will get you fed and your training will start the next morning. 

On arrival you will notice that the Academy is enclosed inside of a private Villa setting with a 12 foot wall encompassing the entire 1 acre compound.

Safety and privacy and our beautiful garden campus will be the first impression upon arrival.

We have  10 buildings.

We have a Players Dorm, and 5 private bungalows for the boys comfort.

We have a private home for guests and principals.

We have a pool for relaxation and therapy. 

We have an air conditioned classroom for our students.

We have a coaches reception office.

We have our own commercial kitchen and restaurant.

We have a team bus.

We have a MLB sized field.

We have 4 separate wifi systems and cable tv.

We have 50 beds and 12 bathrooms.

We play games against other Academies. 

The beach is within walking distance.

We have grocery stores and restaurants and banks nearby.

The compound contains batting cages, bullpen areas and training space for all of our training needs.

The Players live with us at the Top 10 Academy  24/7 year round.

Occasionally we will receive a request for a very young player to stays with his family at a nearby hotel and this is fine.

Our coaches live at the Academy providing supervision 24 hours a day.

All coaches of our coaches are professional baseball instructors who have signed numerous players to MLB contracts.

Our Estate Supervisor lives at the house 7 days a week for additional security and assistance.

Players can arrive at any time during the year and we have separate programs set up based on your length of stay and what your goals are.

You can stay for a week or for a year.

Most of our player stay for an average of 8-10 weeks.

The weekly tuition for our live in full time players is $350 per week.

The weekly tuition for our summer vacation and holiday player program is approximately $795 per week not including early registration and early payment discounts.

This is an all inclusive price which includes airport transfers, room, board, all meals, snacks, bottled water, wifi, evaluations, assessments, instruction, conditioning, skill development, games, yoga, dance classes and beach excursions.

 A cook arrives each day to prepare the meals.

The fare is a combination of American and Dominican food

Players can purchase additional meals, snacks and protein drinks.

On arrival - Each player will be weighed, photographed, assessed and videotaped.

Each player will have his skills measured on arrival so that we can chart and document his progress.

The group size is small and will vary from a low of 5 players to a high of 20 players.

The player group consists of a mixture of Dominican, International and USA players.

The skill level is medium to advanced to elite.

We have middle school type players- high school type players- college players and pro players attending the academy.

Players will be separated based on skill levels and or safety factors as needed.

The program can be described by saying that it is a grind. 

The fluff is minimal. The kids work hard at our Academy.

We use the beach and pool to offset the rigors of a training program that will push you to your peak of endurance and toughness.

The American players usually require a little bit of time to adjust to not having a Mom being around to tend to their moment to moment needs.

The amenities are fewer.

The overall schedule is tougher.

The training sessions are harder than what you are used to.

The competition is stiffer than what you are used to.

This academy is about developing you and taking you to the next level.