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Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Top 10 Mission

Corporate Version: 
To provide exceptional player development services in a nurturing environment supported by Top 10 coaches and trainers who are dedicated and passionately striving  to move each player to the next level of his game using advanced training principles and strategies thereby assisting each of those players to become a true Top 10  student/athlete baseball player.


Simple Version: 

To get you READY

To get you to the next level.

To get you thru the level you otherwise would have failed at.

So that when you try out in front of a MLB scout or college coach- they call you over and ask you your name, how old you are, are you committed, can you come back in 3 days for a work out in front of their boss, and are you ready to play for them.  

We call this being READY. 

If you have some skills and enough passion... I will get you READY.