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Key Policies

Key Policies for Top 10 Staff


#1 -  We deliver as promised. 

#2 - If  you permit us to train your player, then he will go to the  next level. 

#3 - The long term safety of your son is our primary concern. We take a long term view of his career, utilizing LTAD and  5 season Periodization formats to guide us thru the macro and micro cycles of the seasons. How he stacks up today against his peers is somewhat irrelevant. We are going to ask you to avoid getting  caught up with the usual parental need to be proud of your sons accomplishments as compared to other players. Where he stands today in this regard is no indication of what the future holds. We will use hard core science based evidence to guide our program and protocols and not the sway of the crowd to ensure a successful future. 

#4 - People need to know. It is vital that all of their questions be answered efficiently and promptly and professionally in regards to scheduling, finances and philosophical approaches or teaching techniques which affect their children. So if you have any question at all, we will answer it as professionally as possible. Also, we prefer it if you watch our teaching sessions as closely as possible. We prefer it if you learn along with your child. You will never be in our way.  if you intend to assist your son as his coach, please inquire about our Parent Empowerment Program. 

#5 - Service is the key word. Service, service,  service. What can we do to service our player and baseball family is the question. 

#6 - In the matter of refunds for private instructional services, monies shall be returned immediately and in full without any question. Period.

#7 - All players regardless of age should be treated as young men. They just happen to be in a small body but if they are taught and handled properly they can respond and behave with intellect, respect, maturity, and they will usually perform quite admirably. 

#8-  All of our  Instructors will have an accomplished baseball resume to their credit, be certified, pass background checks  and they  must possess a genuine passion for teaching young players. 

#9 -  Players do not leave our academy on a loss. They stay at it until we are certain that they have learned a new baseball skill and can leave feeling good about themselves. 

#10 - Ultimately, We are in the business of developing young men. Therefore it is about them and not about the coaches, or the other adults. We are there to help them, guide them, assist them and to nurture their dreams. We are going to ask them to carry their own bags, say thank you and please and to shake hands with everyone they meet.