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My name is Jimmy Breslin and I am the Director of Player Development for:

Top 10 Florida Baseball and  

Top 10 Dominican Baseball Academy.  

Folks call me Coach Jimmy B. 

As the Director of Player Development it is my focus to help you get better as a player as fast as possible.

Most people do not recognize the difference between player development and coaching per se. 

The Director of Player Development sits above the managers and  coaches in any organization as he guides and implements  the various processes involved in developing a player to his fullest potential. The Director of Player Development has many years of coaching experience under his belt, has a proven track record, and is an older wiser hand. As the village elder who has fought many Indian wars, he is taking a long term view of the process as opposed to trying to win this weekends games. 

As an example, each MLB team has a manager and multiple coaches at each level of play. The goal of playing is to win. This is the primary focus of coaches and managers. 

These coaches run the team on a day to day basis as they attempt to win games, make the team look good, enhance their resume, and  further their own career. 

The Director of Player Development wants to win also, maybe more so, but his primary directive is to develop players to their full potential so that the winning can be more consistent and so the player can accomplish this winning long into the future at the higher levels. 

From your own personal experience you will notice that there is no such position in Travel Ball, HS ball or College ball. The reason is simple:

"Player Development" is not the focus at these levels despite any claims or assertions saying so.

Travel teams now use the words "Player Development" as a Buzz word to attract new players and money.

For the record.....Practicing 2-3x a week is not Player Development. Yes, of course the coaches are  trying to "develop" that player during that practice segment but it simply can not be done this way, no matter how hard you are trying to develop that player. 

Player Development requires a much larger scope type of process.

Yes, they run good practices and use multi station set ups and practice game time situations but that is only a small part of the recipe. 

Team development or team success might be more the focus.  

And while it is fun and entertaining to be part of a successful team, it is your sons development that you should be most concerned about.

Playing in games is where we develop our mental skills and demonstrate our physical skills. Games do not develop the tools as most people think they do. 

Games are over rated. Very much so. 

The skills to play the game must be developed before the team calls that first practice.

Baseball skill sets must be developed away from the team in 1 on 1 sessions or in small group settings run by a professional instructor. 

Baseball games and practices are needed activities, and all players need to play and will play,,,,,, but the majority of a players development does not come as a result of playing games. 

Games are used to measure and to demonstrate your skill set and to develop real time critical thinking. 

Coaches and parents that pre=suppose more games develop better players are delusional at best.  Sorry..... but thats the truth. 

The ratio of training time to team time needs to be at least 40 to 1.

Do the research and you will see that most elite players put in 40-70  hours of training for every hour of game time. 


Team Focus: 

All teams recruit the best players possible, sort it out and field the best 9 on a day to day basis.

Good players might receive more reps and play opportunities but long term development is not the focus. Back up players, reserve players, bench players barely receive the time of day never mind the critical guidance and mentoring and coaching tips they need to move ahead. 

And what about the 10-20 players who went out for the team only to be cut?  

Evidently the prevailing expert opinion is that these players are not worth our time and that they will never amount to anything much.

Hmmm . does the name Michel Jordan ring a bell?  

Cut by his HS coach- surely that Coach regrets the day he passed on the greatest player ever... and surely he thought he was qualified at projecting and developing future talent. Not. 

The harsh reality is that the immediate success of the team is the main focus for 99% of the coaches out there.  And of course for parents watching your sons team, winning  is a lot of fun but in reality this is about your son and his future and development and todays batting average and trophies have only a small place in the process of player development. 

So, the million dolar question is this. 

Why do parents continuously put their sons future development into the hands of a coach or staff who does not specialize in long term player development? 

A coach who is primarily focused on team results?

A coach who follows the yellow brick road of fall ball to spring ball to summer showcase ball and who actually thinks this is the road to development. 

A coach who might even be there primarily because his son is playing?

A coach who is volunteering his time because he loves the game and missed being in the action? 

Or a coach who is building his resume by putting in his time and maybe earning a part time living? 

Coaches coach for many reasons - this is a fact. 

We coach because we love the action, we love the competition, we love the game, we love the field, we love the lime light. Our egos demand that we coach. We coach for the money and for the championships and the trophies. 

But now I want you to show me the Coach who is coaching because he is committed 100% to making YOUR  son be the best that he can be and he will do whatever it takes to make that happen.  

Our coaches as a whole might be great people and they probably make great dentists and lawyers and office managers but...........

Can you imagine selecting a dentist who drives a truck during the day and practices neighborhood volunteer dentistry part time in the evening for free because he likes it and wants to be involved and give back and help? 

It sounds silly or ludicrous but that is exactly what most parents do with baseball. 

Then occasionally we get the ex college player or ex minor league player who comes along to coach our boys. This is usually a plus, but it comes with many caveats as well. Being a good player is totally different than committing your life to teaching. Very often these players will actually not know the EXACT reason why they failed and they pass that skill deficiency along to their students. I have seen this happen many times. 

 Player Development is a one on one endeavor, but rather an art of science, learned after 20-30 years of coaching at many levels which that ex player does not possess. 

Our entire focus is on the individual and not a team. 

The Director of Player Development knows a players eyesight, his peripheral vision score, his convergence vision, his thoracic flexibility, his 60 time, his LMM, his dominant eye, his every weakness and his every strength. 

We have helped many a player get into professional baseball. 

And we have helped more secure college scholarships. 

The players in our Top 10 Florida Baseball Academy are US players who are focused on making the high school team and getting a college scholarship.

The players in our Top 10 Dominican Academy are International players focused on getting signed by the MLB and now US players doing the same. 

The Dominican Republic is the best place in the world to develop baseball players so we highly encourage our USA based players to visit often and for as long as possible.

The US players that visit the DR, to train in our Academy are focused on getting faster, stronger, quicker, smoother, smarter, tougher and more skilled so that they can separate themselves from the normal US player. 

We have taken players who never played baseball, and at age 19 turned them into scholarship players. 

One of our recent success stories: 

We had a Florida boy who was cut from his HS team 2x. 

After extensive training in the DR, he is now being pursued by 3 MLB teams as they want to sign a contract with him. He always had the talent, but his HS coaches did not see it or care to develop it. Recently he made that same team as the starting centerfielder and is receiving college scholarship offers. 

We are successful because we have a unique recipe for training. Over the years we have come up with a blend of America, Dominican and Cuban styled baseball training  principles that work together quite dynamically. 

Our promise is to take you to the next level.

If you are serious about your baseball then coming to the Dominican Republic and we will help launch you to the next level. 

Come to the DR with us and we will show you why over 50% of the players in the MLB minor league system are Dominicans.

Where else  can you play against the worlds best players in training?

Come join us for a trip you will never forget.

We promise you will come home a changed person and a much improved player.

Coach Jimmy B