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Imp. Info and Forms

Juan Dolio Information

Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic is our home.

It is about 25 minutes east of the airport Las Americas, which is located just outside of the capital city Santo Domingo.

Juan Dolio is a small quiet affluent beach town nestled between San Pedro de Macoris and Boca Chica.

Just to the east, 12 minutes away is the much larger and bustling city of San Pedro which is famous for producing more baseball players than any city in the world. San Pedro hosts about 10 MLB teams including the Blue Jays, Braves and Brewers. 

Just to the west 14 minutes away is the beach town of Boca Chica which hosts about 16 MLB teams including the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Rockies, Marlins, Rangers, Red Sox, Orioles, Dodgers, Tampa Bay, Cubs, Anaheim, Astros, Indians, Royals and the Pirates.

The boys attending summer camp with us will be living and training daily with our Academy baseball players. These players are pretty good players who are in full time training, getting prepared for their next tryout. 

We have our coaches living at our complex who supervise the schedule and all activities.

Spanish is the main language but our coaches can speak baseball english sufficiently. 

The beach, which is where we do many of our morning training sessions is about 1/2 mile away.

Our official headquarters for visiting families and parents is the nearby Playa Esmeralda which is a beach resort with the equivalent of about 4  stars.

Playa Esmeralda is about 2 miles away and offers all inclusive resort style accommodations. If you are planning on staying in the DR, to watch the practices or to vacation let us know and we will make all of your arrangements.

The rate is $90 -100 per night all inclusive.

They offer a private beach, all inclusive food and beverages, security, comfortable a/c rooms, wi-fi with a beach side pool.

Important Information



  • Flying out of Fort Lauderdale
  • Luggage and Baggage Information
  • Arrival Information
  • Pesos and Dollars Info 
  • Taxes, Tariffs and Bank Fees
  • Cell Phones
  • Flying out of Other cities - Meeting us in Santo Domingo 
  • Typical Camp Schedule
  • Typical Daily Baseball Schedule


For the forms needed to register for camp please go to the page labeled PDF Camp Forms. You will find the following PDF forms available for downloading. 

  • Camp Application 
  • Release Form 
  • Permission to Travel 
  • Permission to Treat 
  • Contact Information
  • Information regarding forms 


                                Flying out of Fort Lauderdale

For outbound Florida players, Spirit, Jet Blue, Delta and American offer service into Santo Domingo. 

Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa and Orlando service the DR. 

The closets airport to arrive in is Las Americas.

Punta Cana is also a possibility, but about 2 hours away.




                   Spirit Luggage and Baggage Information

Spirit Airlines charges extra for each bag that you have, regardless of the fact that it is carry on or a checked in bag. They are a no frills operator with discount pricing who charge extra for many items. 

You are allowed a small carry on item such as a backpack free of charge. 

The maximum weight for each bag is 40 lbs.
If you exceed this weight limit, you will pay. 
You are permitted a small carry on such as a backpack without charge which is not included in the 40 pound weight limit. 
The first bag that you check in will  cost about $25 and the second bag costs about $35, but it depends on your membership status with them. 
To save money on both legs of the trip, I recommend that you attempt to fit everything into one suitcase unless you are a catcher who will need 2 bags.
If you have a second bag and you have expensive catchers equipment,  I recommend that you have the bag wrapped at the airport to prevent pilferage.
I also recommend that you carry any expensive baseball gloves in your backpack.

Baseball bats need to be packed in the bag you check in. 

                                      Arrival Information

During your flight you will receive a Immigration Form and a Customs Declaration Form which need to be filled out prior to landing.

Our address for your immigration form is : Hacienda de Flores, Juan Doliio. 

As an incoming tourist, your visa is included in the price of your ticket. This tourist visa is good for 30 days. 

On your immigration form, please state that you are a tourist. 

Note: ( If your stay exceeds 30 days, you will be required to pay an exit tax. )

You will produce your passport, immigration forms and be fingerprinted as you process thru Immigration. 

Once you have passed thru immigration you will proceed to the baggage carousel to find your luggage.

Then we wil proceed thru Customs where we will show or passport and turn in our Customs Declaration form.

Once we have finished with Customs, we will head to the Pizza Restaurant at the airport as our rendezvous point.  


                                  Cell Phones 

Next door to the Pizza store is Orange and Claro the two cellphone providers for the Dominican Republic. Those of you that have an unlocked phone can purchase a sim card for about $3, and you can purchase local minutes for calls, texting and internet if you desire.

Roaming charges for your cellphone can be expensive when abroad, so coordinate with your cell phone provider before leaving home to determine how you will stay in touch with your family.

There is internet at our complex.  


                                              Pesos and Dollars

The US dollar is accepted at many locations in the Dominican Republic, but it is best if you use Pesos. Right now, the exchange rate is  about 48.5 pesos to a dollar. If you use dollars, you will get a lower exchange rate.  If you do use US dollars, you will be losing money on every transaction. You can exchange dollars into pesos at the airport, but the exchange will be lower than 46.5, but if you only cash in $50 dollars or so you won't lose too much. The local cadecas offer the best rate, but they are tucked away deep in the neighborhoods so be patient and I will get you there. 

Once we leave the airport up we will head into town and attempt to change some US dollars into pesos at a Cadeca House.  


                        Taxes and Tariffs and Bank Fees

ATM machines charge a fee for each transaction, and the fee is a few dollars higher than we are used to. And to make it worse, some ATM machines only dispense limited amounts of cash. You might find yourself taking out $40 dollars at a time, paying a transaction fee for each withdrawal. My suggestion is to bring cash and to exchange it a local cadeca house to get the best exchange rate. 

The Dominican Republic depends heavily on the tax system for operating capital. You will be taxed 28% at restaurants and hotels, and large stores.  If you pay cash, sometimes it can be avoided but if you use a credit card you will be charged 28% on your final bill. 


Flying from other cities- Meeting us in Santo Domingo 

Unless you are familiar with the country and the language and the roads, we will need to provide assistance on your arrival if you are meeting us in Santo Domingo. 

You are going to come to love the hectic pace and craziness that the Dominican Republic offers, but experiencing the country on your own is not advised. This is a rough and tumble environment 7 days a week. 

If you are traveling into Santo Domingo unescorted, we will help you make arrangements for a safe arrival and journey to your hotel or the academy. 

If I am unable to meet you, we will have one of our coaches or associates meet you on arrival as long as you inform us of your complete flight itinerary, and coordinate it with us in advance as we have players and coaches coming and going fairly non stop. 


                               Journey to Juan Dolio  

Once we have arranged for our transportation, cell phones, and are loaded up with cash, we will head east on Las Americas Avenue, along the beach for Juan Dolio.

The trip is about 30 minutes. 

Daily Baseball Schedule

                Camp Baseball Schedule


Monday -       Training Day    2-3 sessions
Tuesday -      Training Day    2-3 sessions
Wednesday -  Training Day    2-3 sessions
Thursday -    Train in morning- Usual Game Day
Friday -         Training Day     2 sessions 
Saturday -     Light Training Day - Beach and Excursion Day  
Sunday -       Day Off

Typical Daily Schedule - Monday - Saturday 

5;45     Wake up Call - Breakfast- Morning Muster 
6:00      Beach Run and Beach Training   
7:30      Field Practice and Skill Training

10:00 Arrive back at house 
          Laundry - House Clean up - Juice Clean Room 
12:30  Lunch

1:30   Skill Training - Practice or Games
4:30   Dinner
5:15   Free time
6:00 Gym Workout or Backyard Practice
9:30 Curfew Monday thru Friday 


Academy Refund Policy: 

Your money is hard earned and needs to be well spent. 

So, we understand when things occur which affect your training schedule and travel plans. There is nothing like an emergency or work snafu to mess up a well designed plan. 

We are here to help your player improve and that is our goal. 

However, last minute changes on our pre- planned food budgets, schedules, coach assignments,  cost us both time and money so here is our Refund Policy which we think is fair. 

Refund Policy: 

Players that need to depart early for any reason will receive a credit for unused monies, and can come at a future time within the next 24 months to train with us. You can also transfer that credit to a sibling or relative. 

There are no cash refunds for no shows or early departures, only a future credit.  

Any person requesting a change of dates can do so. However changes made within 30 days of arrival requires a $175 handling fee. ​​​​​​