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Top 10 Programs & Services

We offer private Instruction in Florida and enrollment in what many experts are calling: 


Best Baseball Academy in the

Dominican Republic"

We offer a wide range of different programs and services designed to fit the diverse needs and schedules of different ages/skill leveled players from around the world. 


  1. Private lessons
  2. Group lessons
  3. Dominican Academy Training 
  4. Virtual High School Dominican Baseball Academy (full or part time)
  5. Team Training
  6. Clinics
  7. Camps
  8. International Tournaments
  9. Showcases

All our services are customizable to your schedule and needs.

Continue reading and navigating our website for in depth information about how we can help you. Or Call Coach Jimmy B anytime to start customizing your new training regiment. Lets get you to the next level!


Coach Jimmy B

Don't Miss the College Scholarship Bus 

Are you aware that over 94% of Varsity HS Baseball Players miss the College Scholarship Bus 

Over 98% of Travel Ball Players miss the same Bus

Conversely- 90% of the parents and players playing Travel Ball actually think they have a real shot at a scholarship because they are an all star in Travel Baseball on an elite team. 

If this is what you want for your son - then please study what happens in this business.

And.. it is a business...... Scholarships are money and money is business. 

Your trophies and rings and team rankings will not get you onto the bus.

Your batting average and won loss record on the mound will never ever be looked at.  

Colleges and MLB scouts are looking for tools, projection and makeup. 

Nothing Else. 

If you are not focusing on developing your tools, projection and makeup you will Miss the Bus. 


Only the "Best of the Best of the Best"  

Catch the Bus 


Either you are an Elite Baseball Player as a 17-18 year old or you are not. 

Nothing you did as a 12-16 year old  matters to the college coaches or MLB scouts - it will be nice memories for you and your family and it will look good on Facebook and on the mantle. 

But trophies collect dust. 

And Projectable Skills turn into dollars. 


Quote from Joe Namath: "If you are not going all of the way, why go at all? "


Elite Projectable Athletes

Require Elite Training!


Call 561-577-2055

Now and find out how you can be sure to have a seat on the Bus 

or email: 


Over 95% of the players that train with us for more than 2 years will catch the bus.

Guaranteed ! 

Here are some Recent Success Stories 

Junior K. came to us a 19 year old boy from the islands who had never played baseball. 

His dream was to get a college scholarship and then play pro ball. He had no organized sports experience at all. He had not completed High School. He was skinny and fast. He was 6'3 and weighed 162 lbs with his clothes on. He trained with us full time for almost 3 years. 

Over the 3 year period we put 90 lbs of muscle on to his frame topping him out at 252 lbs of all muscle.

We maintained his body fat percentage to 8% while adding tons of muscle. 

He now runs a 6.38 laser 60. 

His arm velocity went from a measured 64 mph to 94mph. 

His raw bat power went from 145 feet to 440 feet. 

His ball exit speed went from 62 mph to 94. 

His fielding percentage went from 45% to 94%. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers wanted to turn him into a shortstop. 

The Pittsburgh Pirates wanted to turn him into a right fielder. 

The Tampa Bay Rays liked him on the corners. 

He turned down all MLB offers to receive a baseball college scholarship which paid all tuition, food and books and led his team in batting average, home runs and stolen bases. 

After college, Junior signed a pro contract, led his team in most offensive categories and was invited to the All Star Game and Home Run Derby in his first season of pro ball. 


Junior never played Little League or travel ball or HS ball. 


We trained him from square 1. 


Chris F was a lifetime Boca Raton travel player playing on all of the local elite teams at one time or another as a starter and middle of the lineup player

He was cut from the HS team trying out as a freshmen. He doubled down and played on two travel teams to prepare for the soph year. He was cut again. He then came to us for an answer. We sent him to the Dominican Republic for an 8 month training program. Our first American Student training in the DR. 


His 60 time time went from 7.3 to 6.5

His arm velocity went from 77 mph to 91 mph

His raw bat power went from 255' to 380 feet

His fielding percentage went from 79% to 95% 

His ball exit velocity went from 74 to 93 mph

He turned down 2 MLB offers from the Boston Red Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks who fell in love with his tools and projection. They intended to sign him as a 16 year old International Player. 

We asked him what he wanted to do. He said that graduating high school was his mothers dream and he needed to fulfill that journey. Great call and we agreed. 

He returned to the same school, became the starting center fielder and was a Palm Beach County All Star and graduated on time. 

He attended 1 showcase in Miami and received 3 offers. He is currently attending college on a 90% scholarship. 


Grant V was a redshirt scholarship player at a JC in California. 

As a redshirt player he did not play, and received little to no instructional or practice time during the entire year. 

Realizing that he was up against stiff competition and a system that was overlooking him, his father found us in the DR. Grant brought an incredible desire for success and worked very hard. He trained with us all summer long - attending 4 training sessions per day before returning home. We reinvented him as an offensive and defensive player from top to bottom.

In 8 weeks: 

His 60 time went from 7.15 to 6.75

His arm velo went from 83 mph to 88 mph

His raw power went from 320 to 390 feet

His swing mechanics went from 25 to 40

His release time went from 1.2 to .40 

His glove went from a 30 to a 40 plus

His body fat went from 12% to 9%

We eliminated all of the american style actions and infused him with a latino salsa.

He secured a scholarship at a different college in the same league upon his return, earned a starting role and was voted to the leagues All star team by the competing coaches. 


Our Training Packages Are

Custom-Designed To Fit

The Needs Of Each Athlete.

The program is about getting you on to the Bus !


Please Do not Miss the Bus ‚Äč


Top Reasons To Train With Us

In The Dominican Republic At

Our New 4+ Acre Training Compound:


1) Intensity:  In The DR, 

Our Athletes Train

For 6-8  Hours Or More PER DAY.


2) Reps:  Our Athletes

Get More Reps Before NOON Than

They Would Get All Week in The US.


3) Foundation:  Baseball Is Won

From The Feet Up.  We Teach

The Proper Footwork That Scouts And

Schools Look For In Their Recruits.


4) Speed:  We Will Teach Proper 

Mechanics To Decrease Your 60 Yard

Time And Get You Up The Line Faster.


5) We'll Teach You To Hit

For Power AND For Average and you will not be squishing any bugs. 

Learn the same weight transfer hitting that put Brett, McRae, Boggs, Gywnn, Jackson, Schmidt, into the Hall of Fame. 


The same technique used by McGuire, Pujols, Rodriguez, Harper, Cabrera, and Machado 


6) Protect AND Improve Your Arm:  We Will Teach You Proper Arm Care And Proper Mechanics.

Don't be one of the 75% of travel players who experiences arm trouble before finishing high school.

The system will use your arm and barely say thank you. And if you injure it, they will never take the blame. Protect yourself from the system. 


7) Range:  We Will Improve Your Defensive Range So You Record Outs Instead Of Allowing Hits.


8) Our Results Speak For Themselves:  Our Athletes...

-Make Varsity As Freshmen  

-Get College Scholarships

-Get Drafted By MLB

Out students Have attended Notre Dame, Stanford, Miami, Vanderbilt, Florida State, Florida, LSU, USC, Oklahoma, Yale, College of Charlestown, Georgia, Virginia, etc


To Learn More About Our              Training Approach- Academy in the Dominican Republic And For An In-Depth Explanation Of Our Philosophy, Please Continue Reading Below...


Don't Miss the Bus 




          Florida Training Programs


  • Private Instruction  $75 per session  By appt 

                                Pitching- Hitting - Fielding 


  • Semi Private Instruction

                                  1x a week - 2 hour session - $150 per month 

                                  2x a week - $2 hour session - $250  per month 

                                  3x a week - 2 hour session - $350 per month 


                            Over view of Private Instruction 

Coach Jimmy B. delivers all of the private sessions. 

The sessions are 90 minutes in duration - no less. 

We use a variety of locations in Palm Beach and Broward County  to minimize your travel time.

We have students in West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray , Boca, Parkland, Coral Springs, Davie, Weston, Cooper City, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, and Fort Myers.

We also have students that travel for lessons from New York, Boston, Texas, Saint Maarten, Colombia and the Dominican Republic when their school schedule permits.

We can train indoors or outdoors depending on the weather and what the focal point of your development is. 

Hitting and Pitching are the most popular requests, but every player needs to learn how to catch, throw and train properly, so we will be keeping an eye on your actual needs as well. 

The Private Training Sessions can be purchased individually at $75 or they can also be purchased in blocks of 10 for $700.



              Overview of Semi Private Training

We have three  programs available for semi private training.

Our Singles Program is $150 per month. You attend 1x per week.

Our Doubles Program is $250 a month. You attend 2x per week.

Our Triples Program is $350 per month. You attend 3x per week. 


Payments are made in the beginning of each month. 

Semi Private Sessions are small groups of 2-4 layers working closely with an instructor on all facets of the game including hitting, pitching, fielding and base running.

We offer classes 3x a week.

The time slot and location will vary as it depends on the families involved so that travel time and schedule conflicts can be accommodated. 

We train in  Delray, Boca Raton and Boynton Beach. 

You can attend 1x, 2x or 3x er week depending on your availability. 

These sessions cost approximately $12-15 an hour depending on the package you have selected.

These training sessions last 2  hours long.

This is the most affordable way to train a player over time and it is very efficient as we will cover conditioning, functional strength and range of motion, 5 tool development and the mental approach.

We have had many success stories come out of this program. 

  •   Players who struggled to make a local travel team go on to  become HS Varsity starters 1 year later. 
  •   Players who struggled to make or play for their HS team earned college scholarships.
  •    Players who were overlooked at a certain position at travel ball went on to become college scholarship players at that position. 


          The Program "works"  if you work the    


              Call Coach Jimmy B at



                      Dominican Training Program 

This 7 day a week training program runs year round.

School recess opportunities is when you should be going to the DR to train. 

You can come for a week, or for multiple weeks or you can stay for the entire year. 

Go to our Dominican Academy page for my more information. 

For pricing call 561 577-2055. 

Pricing varies on your length of stay. 

Our year round program is for the serious player who needs to get ready for a higher level of baseball such as college or pro.

We will customize your program based on your needs, but essentially you will be living at our Academy full time and training daily with elite athletes preparing for major league tryouts.

The players train full time 6 days a week and rest on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. This is a serious training program and very hard work. You will be practicing and competing in front of MLB scouts often if you go to the Dominican Republic with us.

Our program has over 15 players who will eventually sign a pro contract and the scouts visit our facility often to observe our players progress.

This program is also available during the holidays and summer months for middle school and high school players for 1 week to 10 week sessions. 

We also have Playcation Packages where you can stay at a resort, and play baseball every day. 

Players on these trips will visit MLB Academies and watch MLB players practicing and playing in Rookie League Games as well as train and see the local sights.


                              Call 561-577-2055 


Post Workout Field Stretch

Securing a college baseball scholarship for your son is one of our specialties