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Top Ten Florida Baseball will provide you with every piece of information you as a parent or player needs to know about college baseball and the qualifications necessary to be a student athlete.

Helping you acquire a scholarship that will allow you to play baseball in college is one of our primary focuses.

This goal is a lofty one, but realistic for many players if they follow the correct path.

As a word of caution, let us say that the recruiting system is not what it seems to be. It is actually a sophisticated business. It can often be harsh and complex. Most families go it alone, only to later realize their mistake.

Top 10 Baseball is here to help. We can guide, direct, advise and negotiate for you.  More than 1 of our friends were offered a 60 or 70% scholarship only to receive a 90% or full scholarship after we spoke to the coaches a few times.

Please refer to the tabs on the panel to navigate The Top 10 College sections we have prepared for you.

We will be updating and posting new information all of the time so be sure to visit often.

From our website, you will also be able to  access virtually any division and any team. You can view team photos, rosters, schedules and archives.. 

You will also be able to take a peek into every schools academic department.

To view these teams, go to the NCAA Teams tabon the left, and the whole college world will start to open for you.

Have fun and enjoy the journey.