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About Us

Our players are our primary concern- At Top 10 it's the Player first and then the Team

Pedro Martinez JR at a team meeting

Strategy session with Coach Pedro Martinez Jr in San Pedro de Marcoris


Top 10 Baseball Academy is a baseball developmental organization based out of South Florida in the Delray Beach, Boca Raton area. 

In addition, we have our flagship training academy for training players in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic. 

We have our own private villa, hotel and baseball academy with tunnels, infield, restaurant, bunk houses, locker rooms, and a pool located near the beach. Our MLB sized field is nearby. 

Our students attend our academy in the DR year round for both baseball and college prep classes. 

We provide 1 on 1 and group instruction year round in Florida.

We provide ongoing instruction and player developmental services to 18 travel teams in Chicago.  

We provide instruction and player developmental services to players in the Bahamas, Curacao, Aruba and the US Virgin Islands.   

                Call  561 577 2055.

Our specialty is training players.

We are open 364 days of the year. 

All of the players that train with us full time will go on to become college or pro players.

Allow me to repeat that: All of our players that train with us full time will go on to become College or Pro players. 

Our success rate is 100% with any player that trains with us full time. 

Why?  We have a system of teaching that works.

Baseball is a sport of repetition. Yes, it helps to be 6'4 with a power arm, but if you take a look at some of the best players in the game today, Altuve, Pedroia, Betts, Bradley, or if you look at the roster in Cooperstown, you will see that many of the players do not measure up to what scouts are looking for. 

Learning the correct body movements and then the techniques, in the correct sequence and polishing them over and over again until it is second nature is one of the secrets to developing a player. 

Teaching is art and science combined skillfully. 

Attempting to teach with the traditional baseball practice model of: practice until you get it correct is outdated and not very scientific. 

There are 4 stages of learning and getting a player to stage 4 on all of his actions, skills and tools is the formula we use:


Our players have enormous success, not because we are smarter than most coaches, but because we have acquired better science and our approach and methods are rock solid. 


Guiding players step by step with correct body movements and the ability to perform that movement sets up the hierarchy of competence which eventually turns into  polished skills such as intuition, analysis and correct decision making which create success for a player who is developing his 5 Tools. 


Teaching in gradients is essential. 

Example: Teaching a player how to hit a ball by throwing it towards the plate while he swings a bat with improper body movements is too steep of a gradient. It does not work. The learning curve is steep thus Improper muscle memory is accumulated steepening the bell curve of success. 

  • He needs to learn how to move his body first.
  • Then he needs to learn how to stroke the bat.  
  • Then he needs to learn how to judge the ball.
  • Then, and only then should you combine the body, bat and ball movement in unison. 

Teaching body awareness with controlled and correct body movements before teaching a specific skill is critical in the teaching paradigm. 

Example: If he can not push his weight into the ground and then bring the elastic energy back up thru his body how is he he ever going to produce ground force power? He has to learn how the legs act as move energy into his trunk from ground forces so that the body can move properly thru the swing sequence. 


Knowing the bell curve of stress and anxiety that a player can experience as he goes thru the various phases of learning is just one of many dynamics that a professional instructor can use to mentor his students.


The savvy coach recognizes that the player is experiencing high levels of anxiety and self doubt and frustration while coming thru phase 2 of learning a new skill. This becomes a prompt to be more patient during this phase and to offer more encouragement as opposed to the coach becoming frustrated. Often coaches ask to much of a player as the player wrestles in phase 2, and because the player can not deliver and satisfy the coach, the player becomes more frustrated and progress can stall. The coach needs be able to observe what phase the player is in, and the modify his style and expectations accordingly. 


Call 561 577 2055 

Using understandable phrases and keeping things simple but precise goes a long way. 

Example: Telling a batter to swing down or up on a ball can mean many different things to many different minds. In reality, there is a phase of the swing that we might be swinging down and another phase  where we might be swinging up...... so we have to be very specific about what we want him to do, and when, and how, and why. Only then will the correct ideas begin to formulate in his cognitive memory.   

  1. Every player has desire and potential.
  2. How to unlock that potential is an art blended with exact science. 
  • You must raise his awareness of the activity. 
  • You must increase his knowledge. 
  • You must walk him thru the 4 phases of learning on literally every moment and action required. 
  • His skills will increase, and then he will start to master the skill, and then he will have power over it and the end result will be confidence which breeds success. 


We train primarily in the Palm Beach, Broward County and the Dominican Republic.

We develop baseball players for high school, college and MLB.

Our goal is to assist you in moving forward as an athlete and student.

We have sent many players to college on scholarships and many of our players are playing professionally.

Our players have earned scholarships thru our instruction and development program to Vanderbilt, Stanford, Notre Dame,

LSU, Florida, Miami and a host of other great schools. 

The Director of Player Development Jimmy Breslin  provides the bulk of the instruction along with assistant coaches. 

We offer:

  • Private lessons 7 days a week by appointment 
  • Semi Private Lessons - Group Classes  - 2-3 x a week  
  • Travel/Tournament Team Practices 
  • Training Programs in the Dominican Republic year round
  • Summer and Holiday Playcation Trips to the Dominican Republic at our Dominican Baseball Academy and in Cuba.
  • Player Representation Services for International Players


All of our coaches are experienced, certified and trained.


As a result, our players develop quickly and efficiently and they have a stable base from which to move forward. 

Call 561 577 2055