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Pro Workouts

Our Workouts are called "Pro Player Workouts"

The process of developing players has been in existence for many years at the professional level and it continues to improve.

We model our approach from the existing player development structures and paradigms of great MLB organizations and Division 1 schools alike. 

On even a cursory examination, you will notice that these players do not: 

  • purchase occassional lessons
  • practice only with their teams

               and then go play in competitive games. 


That is not how it works. 


We decided some time ago that rather than follow the traditional youth models currently in vogue, such as travel team formats, we would endeavor to emulate what the elite players and organizations do.  

Our Top 10 Academy players workout much the same way the big leaguers do.

This means we take our time, take the long view approach and get it right.

We emphasize baseline conditioning, balance, functional range of motion, dynamic warm ups, smoothness and pro style actions.  

We emphasize all of the basics and advanced philosophical strategies. 

If you watch our students play, you will see the difference.

Our players play the game differently. That  is a fact.

And..... It's all about the players, not the trophies. 


Follow our lead and you will get there.